Dirty Nasty Filthy Hearts


Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 22:56:28 -0400
From: Shiva Ctylyctyc <deleted>
Subject: Dirty Nasty Filty Hearts


great page! As a long-time undergrad, I've had plenty of time to master plenty cards games ... I played cards before I came to college, but the level of competition on campus was much better. My two favorite card games are Hearts and Spades, in that order. Our variation of hearts, however, comes from the Deep South, and it's called Dirty Nasty Filthy (pron. Dutty, Nah-tay, Fil-thay) Hearts. Here's how the variants, along with the slang terms:

We call throwing hearts "painting", lookng for the Queen of Spades "Beating [the bush] for the Bitch", and the Queens of Clubs and Hearts "The Weak Bitches" because the QoC is in the main throwoff suit, and the Queen of Hearts is in the paint suit. Low cards are called "duckers" and it is a habit of players to yell "That aint no duckah!" just before they paint your lead. Especially if your lead should have been a ducker, but you messed up in counting.

Obviously, we've been playing hearts a good while. We did not make this variant, however, with the exception of a few rules.

This variant takes the game's stategy to a cutthroat level. Various nuances now exist, consider this:

Go play it and then email me with your thoughts! Plus, my cardmates and I would love to see it added to your page as a variant.

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