Disagreement on the Jack of Diamonds issue

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Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 15:19:45 -0700
From: jaysin-az <deleted>

first let me start by saying i'm an avid hearts player and am very happy to finaly start seeing some insightful web-sites on the subject. i enjoyed your page very much but did have the overwelming feeling to disagree with you about the "jack factor".

i would consider myself a VERY good hearts player (not trying to toot my own horn) and i play in many different places, in person and including on-line. and your perception of the -jack game being the most prefered and most reverantly played i would have to say is a farce.

it obviously is your favorite style of hearts, that comes through gleemingly on your site. while the jack game is nice if you feel like changing things up a bit its widly concidered a game for those who need a "SAVE YOUR BUTT CARD". and your arguement about "well every other suit has a pivital card"...your reason for the clubs was the 2?...lol. hardly a pivital card. the game has to start somewhere thus the lowest card in the deck seems likely. the only pivital club you'll ever hold in your hand is the 3 my friend.

hearts is a game of skill and when it comes time to play what i call "team hearts" (trying to keep a player from going over so the game wont end) the jack just takes all the skill out of that. oh and another thought real quick. you said that in the jack games you like to play that the jack is not a required card for a run. that just seems crazy to me. not only have i never heard of that variation but it seems as though its just another easy way out. after all the jack game was invented by players to make it more difficult to run them (shoot the moon). and more over the jack game is best liked by players that dont pass and cover which in my opinion is RULE #1 in the game of hearts.

[snipped content irrelevent to this issue. -alan]

so please take this e-mail as a show of support even though i dissagree strongly on what you think is the best style of hearts. and please feel free to post this e-mail to get feed back on the subject. and i would love a reply if you have the time.

than's so much for your time.
jason (jaysin_az)

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