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Over the years

[me in 1993] 1993
[me in 1995] 1995
[Me in 1996] 1996
[Me in 1998] 1998
[Me in 1999] 1999
[Me in 2001]
[Me in 2003]



Penn Jillette's signature
Penn Jillette
Old, worse version
Teller's signature
Old, worse version
James Burke
James Burke
As captured by my Palm with DrawIt.
Old signatures captured by an ancient version of TealPaint


Random Pictures

Alan Hoyle in a suitAlan Hoyle in a suit

Me in a suit?!?! (16 April 1999)
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Pics by Bob Henshaw
Alan's kittens: Oreo and Granola

The kittens I used to have: Granola and Oreo
Pic by Alan Hoyle
Discs in my trunk

The large collection of discs in the trunk of my car.
Pic by Victor Maneilly, 17 March 2002 (Click for bigger version.)


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