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See how my appearance has changed over the years....

"hoyle (n): the point at which a genius transcends our reality and becomes a madman" —Merriam Webster's Previous Favorite Words (Not in the Dictionary)

Yeah, it's the same old "Let's get to know me" page as everyone else. However, there is some original content here (see my Hearts page for example). Here are links to others named "Alan Hoyle"

There are also pictures from our 2007 wedding and a link to pictures of Chester.

Email me if you get bored enough.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center - Bioinformatics group

My job title is Bioinformatics Scientist for LCCC's Bioinformatics group. Here is my curriculum vitae.

What I do in my spare time:

Most of my hobbies fit into the category of "things that spin in the air." But my favorite by far is:

Ultimate frisbee

Boneyard Logo I played, captained, and managed Boneyard Ultimate (twitter: @BoneyardUlt) for several years. We won the 2014 World Ultimate Club Championships (Masters div), the 2015 USA Ultimate Masters Championships, and, as Team USA, the 2016 World Ultimate Championships.

I have also played in the Grandmaster's division. In 2015, I was on Alchemy and we won a beach national championship in 2015, and played with Junkyard in 2022 when the team won a national championship on the normal grass field.

Ring logo I played with Ring of Fire for several years. At the 2002 UPA Championships we finished in second place.

During the 2000 UPA Mixed gender series, I played with Spear. We won the National Championship for that division.

old Darkside symbol I am a founding member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Darkside (twitter: @UNC_Darkside) Ultimate team, was a captain the first year and the team awarded me MVP honors our second year. The team has improved greatly since those early years and I was lucky enough to see them win Nationals for the first time at the 2015 USA Ultimate College Championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I coach the Duke Swerve Women's Ultimate Team (twitter: @DukeSwerve).

I was a board member of Triangle Ultimate (née TFDA) And I've played in various leagues since the 1992-1993 season.

Here are a few pictures of me playing ultimate and here are some teams that I've played with.

(See my hobbies page for more about my ultimate experience.)

Card Games:

I was destined to play cards with the last name "Hoyle." Hoyle pronounced My favorites are:

the Ace of heartsHearts
This is a addictive trick taking game with lots of strategy and variations. (Original content alert!)
6 7 8 9 10
This is a variant of Contract Rummy. (Original content alert!)
This is a great game I learned to play on my PalmPilot. The Cribbage Forum is a pretty good resource.
Egyptian RatScrew
This is a fast-paced and fun game I learned at summer camp during junior high school. I play a slightly different variation than the one listed there or here. By the way, I never lose*.

Video Games:

I've played video games for almost as long as I can remember. I started down the path towards a collection of classic arcade games by purchasing a Gauntlet II standup arcade game at a local auction.

In January 2000, I traded it for a Star Wars arcade game. I have installed a multi-game kit to allow me to play The Empire Strikes Back on the same hardware.

Before you start down the same path, be warned...

Pictures I've taken

my flickr photostream(feed)

2002 Hawaii (Other pics from that trip) - Lafayette HS class of 1992 ten year reunion - a moth and some ants. - Blacksburg Mountain High 2005 - Stick and Amy's wedding - a green grasshopper - a praying mantis on my shed - Lemurs! - Mike & Nicole's wedding reception - Halloween 2005 - Winter League 2005 week 2 - Stone Mountain Hike

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